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Dempsey , Jack
Jack Dempsey, (not the heavyweight fighter) was born John Edward Kelly on December 15, 1862 in Curran, County Kildare, Ireland and died in Portland, Oregon on November 1, 1895 where he is buried. The heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey took his name from him out of admiration for his abilities as a fighter. Dempsey fought under the nickname "Nonpareil" and is considered one of the greatest fighters of all-time. Only Sugar Ray Robinson has been rated ahead of Dempsey by many experts. He held the world middleweight title and often fought fighters who where much heavier. Only the legendary John L. Sullivan was more well known than Dempsey. Dempsey fought Tom Barry in Portland winning by a sixth round knockout (1885), a Portland exhibition bout against "Mysterious" Billy Smith (1892) and on September 20, 1892 refereed a bout between Mysterious Billy Smith and Billy "Shadow" Maber in Portland. Dempsey had his final fight in Portland in 1893. He was inducted into the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame (1954) and the International Boxing Hall of Fame (1992.) M.J. McMahon of Portland wrote a poem to honor Dempsey's memory. The final paragraph of the poem reads: "Tis strange New York should thus forget Its "bravest of the brave" And in the fields of Oregon, Unmarked leave Dempsey's grave."